I have several years of tutor and teaching experience. In 2017 I was nominated for 2 Edinburgh Students Union Teaching Awards: Best Personal Tutor, and Best Feedback. My 2018 and 2019 student feedback assessment was 94% positive.

I value this tutor as she helped me understand the course content much better by giving thorough explanations through her knowledge, encouraging debates, useful and detailed feedback, and always being available to spend her extra time to answer questions and email. Consequently I really appreciated her effort and passion throughout the tutorials as this contributed immensely to my learning as a student. Even her personality – kind, funny , and caring, made the atmosphere in the tutorial very welcoming” (Student feedback)

The University of Dundee

Module Leader: The Global Politics of Illegal Drugs

The University of Edinburgh

Guest Lecturer

How to Make a Drug Problem –The Sociology of Intoxication – 2019/2018

Drug Policy in Scotland- Parliamentary Participation Programme – 2018


Doing and Designing Social Research (DDSR) – 2018/2015/2014

Sociology 1B: The Sociological Imagination – 2018/2016/2015

Sociology 1A: The Sociological Imagination- 2015

Social Policy and Society – 2019/2018/2014

The City of Edinburgh Council Adult Education Programme

Guest Speaker – Criminology –2 hour seminar/workshops on drug policy and practice in Scotland – 2014/2015/2016